Welcome to South Arkansas Paranormal Research Society. (S.A.P.R.S)

Who we are. 
South Arkansas Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to paranormal research with the goal of investigating, documenting, and sharing scientific evidence to validate the existence of paranormal activity and to help those in need. S.A.P.R.S is a local paranormal investigation team based in South Central Arkansas just outside of Little Rock consisting of individuals who are dedicated to helping other individuals battling with paranormal phenomenon. We will travel and cover not only South Arkansas but we will cover and investigate the whole state of Arkansas. S.A.P.R.S is a non-profit organization and will NEVER charge any fee for an investigation, and your privacy is paramount.  Upon request, we travel to purportedly haunted sites and conduct investigations to try and observe, document, and explain claims of paranormal activity. Using a wide variety of modern technological devices such as infrared cameras, digital audio recorders, and environmental measurement devices, we attempt to capture and document  evidence of paranormal activity. 
Background of our Members.
South Arkansas Paranormal Research Society was founded by Stephen Cockrell and Nathan James in September of 2012.  All of our members Lea Raye McNary Childress, Brooklyn Ballew, Amy Watson, Randy Watson, Sara Apel, LaRaye Cockrell, Kim Childress and Edith Kimbrell are very experienced and professional, coming from some of the best paranormal groups in Arkansas.  To see the faces of these members just go to our members page above located in the about us tab.
Contacting S.A.P.R.S.
If you the need to ask us question or make a comment you can go to the contact tab above. If you feel you need assistance with some unexplained events that are disturbing you and your family, please do not hesitate to request an investigation. Please Fill out the form in the contact tab above and someone from our team will get back with you as soon as possible.  PLEASE NOTE: if the location is believed to be  physically unsafe (i.e. violence, illegal drug use, or sanitary conditions) the case will be rejected.
It might be helpful for you to maintain a log of activity so that we can better  understand any patterns occurring during the phenomenon.
Remember: We are NOT “ghost busters,” nor do we do “interventions,” “cleansings,” or “exorcisms.”
Privacy Policy.
S.A.P.R.S is deeply aware of the trust our clients place in us and our responsibility to protect their privacy. We never publish, talk about, or otherwise compromise any of our clients’ personal information such as street address, name, or contact information without implicit authorization to do so.
We may share non-identifying evidence and investigation case files with the public via our website and presentations, but always review to omit any sensitive information from these materials prior to doing so. Such as Names, Addresses, E-mail address or in any other information that links to you.





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