Paranormal Equipment



Digital Recorders – We use digital recorders to
capture Electronic Voice Phenomena(EVP) refers
to voices that appear on recording devices with
no apparent source. The voices are often not
understandable or audible without changing the
speed of the playback.





KII Meter – A KII meter picks up on the energy fields that spirits disturb when they are present in the environment.







EMF Detector – An instrument for measuring
the magnitude and direction of a magnetic
field typically used by paranormal researchers
to detect a ghost’s magnetic energy.






Camcorders – Video cameras that records in zero lux light with built in infrared to see and record anything in the dark. Some camcorders use 8mm, CD’s, Memory Card’s and some even have hard drives to save on the camera itself.






DVR Motion SensorMotion detection refers to the capability of the surveillance system to detect motion and capture the events. Motion detection is usually a software-based monitoring algorithm which, when it detects motions will signal the surveillance camera to begin capturing the event. Also called activity detection. An advanced motion detection surveillance system can analyze the type of motion to see if it warrants an alarm.



 Fuji PRO Series Full Spectrum Digital Camera – Takes HD photos and videos within the IR, Visible and UV spectrum of light. This camera has been modified so that is permanently sees in Infrared, Visible and Ultraviolet light spectrum all the time.  The camera takes photos in day light, dusk, with the flash in an enclosed area or with the aid of Infrared,Ultraviolet, Full Spectrum or Wide Spectrum lighting in darkness if no other light is available.




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